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Una hora en la vida de Stefan Zweig

Antonio Tabares
Direction: Sergi Belbel
Production: Hiperbólicas Producciones: Tabacasol
Approximate length: 90 min

Season 2017-2018

Sala José Luis Alonso
Del 17 al 27 de mayo, 2018
De martes a sábado, 20:30h
Domingo, 19:30h

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


"I send greetings to all of my friends: May they live to see the dawn after this long night. I, who am most impatient, go before them."  That is how Stefan Zweig bid farewell to the world during his exile in Brazil in 1942.

Antonio Tabares offers us a fictional recreation of the last moments in the life of the eminent writer and his second wife, Lotte. Whilst they are preparing all the details for their suicide with meticulous and calculated care, an unknown figure turns up at their home who has recently arrived from Europe. Who is this inopportune visitor? Is he, as he claims, a Jewish refugee, rather than an agent in the service of the Nazis? And why is he so interested in a picture by William Blake that belonged to Stefan Zweig for so many years?

Those who love Zweig’s writings will find all of the themes that obsessed the novelist in Tabares’ work, ranging from his desperation in the face of the rise of Nazism and its spread across Europe, to a profound reflection on the decadence of the West and, by extension, the absurdity of existence.

Sergi Belbel once again teams up with Tabares, whose work he directed some years ago with ”La punta del iceberg” (“The Tip of the Iceberg”), a piece also presented some years ago at La Abadía.

 “Reason and sentiment go hand in hand in this text of delicate intimacy” (El Periódico).



Iñigo Núñez (Fridman)
Roberto Quintana (Zweig)
Celia Vioque (Lotte)


Sound Jordi Bonet
Costumes Carmen de Giles
Estilo y caracterización Manolo Cortes
Set Desing Max Glaenzel
Director's Assistant Antonio Calvo
Ayudante espacio escénico Josep Iglesias y José W Paredes
Costumes Desing Carmen de Giles
Lighting Design José Luis Palomino
Graphic Desing Iñigo Laspiur
Artes plásticas Alicia Moruno
Photo Marina Testino, Pablo Bravo-Ferrer y Neil Montgomery
Gestión y administración Tabacasol
Executive Production Javier Serrano y Rafael Herrera

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