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Rescoldos de paz y violencia  -  Trilogía sobre la violencia y el proceso de paz en el País Vasco

Proyecto 43-2

María San Miguel y Julio Provencio
Direction: María San Miguel
Production: Proyecto 43-2
Approximate length: 1h y 10 min

Season 2018-2019

Sala José Luis Alonso
Rescoldos de paz y violencia
Del 12 al 24 de marzo, 2019

20: 00 h

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


In line with the commitment acquired last season to address the most recent events in Spanish history, La Abadía presents Rescoldos de paz, a documentary theatre trilogy on the violence and peace process in the Basque Country.

Proyecto 43-2, the group heading the project, have pursued two lines of work: an artistic dimension, based on investigation and the search for a unique stage language through a rigorous documentary process; and a didactic dimension, consisting of various activities aimed at young people, adults and special groups, in which theatre is employed as a means of transforming the conflict and instigating social change, based on the de-legitimisation of violence and the fostering of a culture of peace.

In the company’s shows, the emphasis is placed essentially on words and a desire to encounter others’ standpoints through a degree of emotional identification that transcends political issues and social contexts, giving rise to new approaches that go beyond social prejudices and constructions.

Proyecto 43-2 was the first show created by the company.

This piece arose from the Master’s thesis carried out by María San Miguel, the founder and producer of Proyecto 43-2, a piece of research that went beyond the academic realm and became a means with which to explore the transformative power of theatre.


The Basque Country.

Five people with five different perceptions of reality. Five links with violence.

The commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the father’s murder.

A meal at the family’s txoko.

Do we have more things in common with others than things that separate us?



Aurora Herrero
Nahia Láiz
Alfonso Mendiguchía
Pablo Rodríguez
María San Miguel


Idea original: María San Miguel
Dramaturgia: María San Miguel y Julio Provencio
Dirección: María San Miguel y Xiqui Rodríguez
Música original: Jorge Arribas
Diseño de iluminación Xiqui Rodríguez
Diseño de espacio escénico: Proyecto 43-2
Vestuario: Juan Carlos Mora
Imagen de cartel: Luis Gaspar
Diseño gráfico y fotografía: Alba Muñoz
Contenido audiovisual: Guillermo García López y Alba Muñoz
Asistencia técnica: Libe Aramburuzabala (Cía. de la Luz)
Asesoría pedagógica: Domingo Ortega
Prensa: Silvia Espallargas (ASÍ COMUNICA)
Dirección de producción: María San Miguel
Adjunta de producción: Alba Muñoz y Raúl Romo (Wensy)
Distribución: Fran Ávila

Colaboran: Fundación Rodolfo Benito Samaniego.
Con el apoyo de: Fundación Cultura de Paz, Instituto de DDHH Bartolomé de las Casas de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Instituto de DDHH Padre Arrupe de la Universidad de Deusto y LAVA (Laboratorio de Artes de Valladolid).


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