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José K, torturado

Javier Ortiz
Direction: Carles Alfaro
Production: Moma Teatre
Approximate length: 1h y 10 min

Season 2018-2019

Sala José Luis Alonso
Del 21 de febrero al 10 de marzo, 2019
De miércoles a sábado, 20.00 h
Domingo, 19.00 h

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


In line with the shows scheduled this season on the themes of citizen ethics and responsibility, we find this text by the journalist, Javier Ortiz, José K, torturado, directed by Carles Alfaro.

José K is a terrorist whose intention is to set off a bomb in a busy square packed with people. The police arrest him and, under pressure of time, they decide to torture him in order to obtain information and avoid a massacre.

This simple plot provides an ideal opportunity to reflect on the moral dilemma raised by this hypothetical situation. When is torture acceptable? Can it be accepted on an exceptional basis? Based on what reasoning can it be accepted?

Torture sets off a chain reaction. And the ultimate effect – the most terrible consequence of all – consists of the debasement of the society that tolerates torture in silence. It’s a question of a lesser evil in order to achieve a greater good. Those who carry out torture nearly always believe they are doing so in order to achieve something that is good for society as a whole.

Double standards of morality and fear are two attitudes that, for very different reasons, are deeply rooted in the collective unconscious. These two attitudes enable us to put up with the greatest aberrations. Individuals and society do not wish to tackle problems whose resolution may require a change of criteria, structures or way of life.

Is torture a dysfunctional aspect of the system or simply one of the many weapons that the system employs in order to defend itself?


Iván Hermes


Dirección, dramaturgia y espacio escénico Carles Alfaro
Ayudante de dirección Vicenta Ndongo
Espacio sonoro Jose Antonio Gutierrez / Joan Cerveró
Coordinación técnica Jose Luis Vázquez / Luis Ignacio Arjonilla
Fotografía   Carlos Martín
Asesoramiento y documentación  Jorge Del Cura
Producción ejecutiva   Moma Teatre
Distribución  Titania Distribución
Agradecimientos  Raúl Alonso, Adriana Ozores, Andrés Palacio, Montse Calles, Paula Errando, Jorge Culla y Pedro Casablanc

Una producción de Moma Teatre con la colaboración de Hermes Producciones


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