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19/20 Season


La casa del panda

Lizhu Ren
Direction: Francesco Gandi y Davide Venturini
Production: Compagnia TPO en coproducción con Tong Production y Teatro Metastasio de Prato
Approximate length: 50 min


La casa del panda is an interactive show featuring dance and the visual arts, designed for a family audience. It takes us on an imaginary journey that introduces the audience to the thousand-year-old history of China, encompassing dance, the visual arts and games.

By following in the steps of a panda — the country’s symbol —, the audience is able to discover Chinse traditions and culture: bamboo forests, fireworks and kites. The show offers children an intuitive insight into the Chinese philosophy and theory of the five elements and the ways in which these elements are interlinked: by following a circular rhythm, each element is transformed and generates the next element: wood-fire-earth-metal-water.

These “five elements” are the paths followed by the two dancers in order to invite the children to enter into this universe full of colour, music and non-stop movement. Together, the dancers interact in order to explore new forms of expression that go beyond the barriers of language and culture.


Daniele Del Bandecca
Martina Gregori


Dirección artística _ Francesco Gandi y Davide Venturini
Basado en una idea de _ Lizhu Ren
Coreografía _ Daniele Del Bandecca y Martina Gregori
Técnicos de video, luz y sonido _ Francesco Taddei y Alberto Martino
Diseño visual _ Elsa Mersi
Diseño de sonido _ Spartaco Cortesi
Ingeniería informática _ Rossano Monti
Yestuario _ Chiara Lanzillotta
Escenografía _ Livia Cortesi
Producción ejecutiva en España _ Ana Sala
Distribución en España y Portugal _ Ana Sala (IKEBANAH)


Teatro de La Abadía
C/Fernandez de los Ríos, 42
28015 • Madrid • España

Telephone +34 91 448 11 81