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19/20 Season


Un Roble

Tim Crouch
Direction: Carlos Tuñón
Production: Bella Batalla - Esto podría ser
Approximate length: 90 min
Sala José Luis Alonso
Del 23 de junio al 3 de julio, 2020
(de martes a viernes)


An Oak Tree is a theatre experience for two actors. One of the characters is a hypnotist who has lost his capacity to suggest things in others. The second character is played by a different actor or actress every night. He or she will come on stage without knowing anything about the play or having read a single word of the text. This actor will simply know that his or her character has lost a child. The third actor is played by the audience, who, when confronted by this meta-theatrical act, seek to unravel the fiction and reality of what has happened.

An Oak Treeis a work about loss, about the power of the mind and about the capacity of our imagination to create and to believe. An Oak Tree is a play about the magic of theatre and the catharsis of a shared lie.

This work is written by the British playwright, Tim Crouch, a man of theatre who breaks all the conventions of the stage. The British daily, The Independent, included An Oak Tree on its list of “Forty Best Plays to Read Before You Die”. Crouch himself originally played the role of the hypnotist. Caryl Churchill described Crouch’s play as “a laugh and a vivid experience of grief. And it spoils you for a while for other plays”. In Spain, the text has been published by La Uña Rota, together with another work by the playwright, My Arm.

Produced by Bella Batallaand Esto Podría Ser, the play is performed by Luis Sorolla and directed by Carlos Tuñón, a team who specialise in immersive and experiential theatre.


Luis Sorolla y un intérprete nuevo cada función.

Alex García
Alberto San Juan
Juan Vinuesa
Carlota Gaviño
Sonia Almarcha
Ana Wagener


Texto _ Tim Crouch
Traducción _ Luis Sorolla
Música _ Juan Casero
Plástica _  Antiel Jiménez
Iluminación _ Miguel Ruz Velasco
Sonido _ Nacho Bilbao
Asesor de hipnosis _ Jorge Astyaro
Fotografía _ Luz Soria
Diseño Gráfico _ Daniel Jumillas
Vídeo _ Ales Alcalde
Comunicación _ Josi Cortés
Producción _ Nacho Aldeguer para Bella Batalla, Luis Sorolla para Esto Podría Ser y Carlos Tuñón
Distribución _ Isis Abellán - Proversus
Ayudante de dirección y producción _ Mayte Barrera
Dirección _ Carlos Tuñón

Un roble


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