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19/20 Season


Best of BE FESTIVAL 2017

Production: Varias Compañías
Approximate length: 2 horas aprox


Travel across Europe in a single evening with Best of BE 2017: 3 plays, 3 styles, 3 countries.

La Abadía will once again open its doors to new stage languages, hosting performances of the highest-rated plays at the BE Festival, an event that scours the European contemporary theatre scene each summer in order to present a selection of around 20 works in Birmingham. This year the programme was made up of more than 1,070 pieces. The selected work included those that best transcended cultural, linguistic and disciplinary borders, featuring a special emphasis on participation and exchange in order to offer audiences an insight into contemporary theatre languages. In this respect, each day concludes with meetings with the guest company, replete with conferences and workshops featuring the artistes themselves.

Two years ago at the “Best of BE Festival” we saw a clown wearing a tutu who replayed a McEnroe tennis match, a sullen table-tennis ball juggler and we witnessed the uncomfortable communication between three strangers on a train. Last year, we witnessed a woman who held her arm up in a fascist-style salute for half an hour, an improvised choreographic performance because the dancers failed to arrive on time, and a piece which compared a gospel quartet with an actor with a head like a fish.

Who knows what the next edition will bring! But if you like theatre that surprises you, write this date down in your diary.


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