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The Teatro de La Abadía is a theatre company and study centre that aspires to make an impact on our social and cultural life through the poetry of the stage. At La Abadía we aim to combine the creation and presentation of shows with an artistic and human search for excellence through the organisation of workshops and meetings. Under the direction of José Luis Gómez, our commitment is underpinned by a passion for words and a sense of psychological and physical balance. Based on this approach, we have built up a team that is accustomed to making the most of a sense of synergy, in line with the great tradition of European art theatre.

Our theatre is based at the former Church of La Sagrada Familia and the adjacent Functions Hall, which have been renamed the Sala Juan de la Cruz and Sala José Luis Alonso. The proximity of the stage and the audience, combined with the theatre's unusual setting, based on a series of carefully determined dimensions, enable us to share something special with our audience: a sense of intelligent pleasure.


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The Foundation

The Teatro de La Abadía was born from a joint initiative between the Madrid Regional Government and José Luis Gómez. It is a cultural foundation that enjoys public financing and private management. This model enables us to operate with fewer restrictions than a normal institutional theatre, based on a greater sense of freedom and risk and full artistic independence. Half-yearly meetings and annual audits ensure a strong consensus and transparent accounting.

The Board of Trustees, the theatre's ultimate governing body, is made up of five institutional patrons and five private patrons under the chairmanship of Mr. Gregorio Marañón y Bertrán de Lis.

The Board of Trustees features the following members:


Gregorio Marañón y Bertrán de Lis

Institutional Patrons

The Madrid Regional Government

Ministry of Culture

Madrid City Council

Private Patrons


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Teatro de La Abadía
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