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Gift Card

Offer culture as a gift

The Teatro de la Abadía Gift Card is an original and exclusive gift for culture lovers, one that offers great added value: The gift is chosen by the recipient.

The person who receives it can exchange the amount for tickets for any* of the shows by Teatro de la Abadía.


How does it work?

The holder of the Gift Card may exchange it for tickets for any of the shows that are on sale and that belong to the Teatro de la Abadía’s own programme schedule. Each time you use it, the amount consumed shall be deducted. You can exchange the remaining amount at any time, without any time limits.

After purchasing the Gift Card, the buyer will receive a digital file containing the Gift Card, which you can forward directly. The digital Gift Card contains a short text that shows how it can be exchanged for tickets, along with the alphanumeric voucher code that must be entered when acquiring the tickets.

How to use it

In order to exchange the gift card for the ticket: at the end of the purchase, once the date of the show, the seat and the Basic Price rate have been selected, enter the alphanumeric code (which the buyer of the card has received when making the purchase) in the boxand click on the button(One voucher code for each ticket).




An original and exclusive gift for your clients or employees

If you would like your company to stand out and make a difference, offer culture! It’s original, exclusive, flexible, easy, has no expiry date and, best of all, the gift is chosen by the recipient.

Purchase the Gift Card online or, if you prefer, contact @ Audience Management and we shall manage your application, including Gift Cards and ticket packages, as well as advising you on how to make the theatrical experience of your clients or employees truly unique. 

* Excluding shows in which La Abadía is not the promoter.

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