"La Abadía is a single house, a craft project based on excellence in artistic creation and independence. Beyond the institutional commitment through their support and delivery team daily theater shows to grow the project, this house is nourished by a shared dream, and the public. Thanks for making, through your explicit support, that yours and our dream can continue to be a reality. " José Luis Gómez

As important as the shows or more is our contact with the public, which is who inspires us to schedule and organize all kinds of complementary programming activities, making our space a meeting place, a house in which everyone It has its identity and place.

We want to remain a benchmark for those viewers who want more, we want to continue to have a "public character" a public act, an audience that shares our culture and our vision of theater. We are writing to you to make you a participant in an important mission: to support and share more than ever our activity.

What your contributions help us?

• To produce our own shows and to bring national and international tour.

• To keep our programming at an affordable price and adapted to all kinds of public and pocket prices.

• To keep our spaces in the best conditions to welcome our public and the work of artists.

• To develop initiatives that encourage innovation and research in scenic material.

• To continue to train our artists, both those who already have a solid career as those who are starting out and want to share with us their art.

• To continue working in foreign productions to bring the Spanish contemporary theater audience internationally.

"Supporting us is investing in the future of culture in Madrid and sustainability of one of the most emblematic theaters in the city"

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Teatro de La Abadía
C/Fernandez de los Ríos, 42
28015 • Madrid • España

Taquilla +34 91 448 16 27 (M a S de 17 a 21 h. D de 17 a 20 h)
Office +34 91 448 11 81