La Abadía Theater Foundation is committed to a collaborative model that looks to the role of culture in society and meeting point for the public, the artistic community and the different social partners is intended.
With a schedule and a varied and quality activity, the Foundation invites organizations and companies to participate actively in this project, offering various ways of collaboration and linkages ranging from general support for the development of the mission of the theater to the specific sponsorship of events and activities of the season.
Find out here Abbey collaboration possibilities.
Since 1995 many of our viewers are also our friends. Part of the agenda Abbey echoed do our activities and help us in spreading. So we are becoming more public time, more interest, more critical looks more courage to continue, more participation, more theater.
We appreciate your support and Isabel Romero Tejada, Agustín & Pedro AlmodóvarLupe Barrado, Juan Andrés Aranguren ZunzuneguiFernando Ledesma Bartret, Alberto Elzaburu – Marqués  de la Esperanza among others.

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Teatro de La Abadía
C/Fernandez de los Ríos, 42
28015 • Madrid • España

Taquilla +34 91 448 16 27 (M a S de 17 a 21 h. D de 17 a 20 h)
Office +34 91 448 11 81