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Actors of the Language

Direction: José Luis Gómez
Production: Real Academia Española y Teatro de La Abadía
Teatro Principal
17 de abril, 2015

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


17 de abril, 2015
24 de abril, 2015
25 de abril, 2015
6 de julio, 2015
La Regenta. 13 de julio, 2015
Cartas Marruecas. 20 de julio, 2015
Escrito por Teresa de Ávila. 26 de noviembre, 2015
Cartas Marruecas. 14 de febrero, 2016
Escrito por Teresa de Ávila. 15 de febrero, 2016
El Quijote. 22 de febrero, 2016
La Regenta. 29 de febrero, 2016


"A journey through the living organism of our language"

Following the success of previous seasons, the Spanish Royal Academy project directed by José Luis Gómez, 'Cómicos de la lengua" (Actors of the Language)', will continue its run this season. With the word playing the starring role, a series of academics and actors will share the stage in order to analyse and bring to life some 850 years of the Spanish language.

Thanks to the knowledge and advice of our academics, a series of leading figures from the world of Spanish theatre have been able to theoretically reproduce the sounds and pronunciation of every age, thus undertaking an archaeological review of the Spanish oral tradition through the reading of ten essential texts from Spanish literature, ranging from the great epic of 'The Song of the Cid' to Valle-Inclán's astral vision of the First World War.

Due to be staged at both the Teatro de La Abadía and at the Academy itself, this project is the result of the joint endeavour of a group of actors and philologists, reflecting the importance of disseminating the living word of the Spanish language.


Beatriz Argüello
Ernesto Arias
Pedro Casablanc
Israel Elejalde
José Luis Gómez
Emilio Gutiérrez Caba
Julia Gutiérrez Caba
Carlos Hipólito
Carmen Machi
Helio Pedregal


Concept and Direction José Luis Gómez
Coordination and Dramaturgy Brenda Escobedo
Poetry advisor Vicente Fuentes
Set Design Vanessa Actif and José Luis Gómez
Lightning Carlos Marquerie
Music Luis Delgado
Musical selection Gloria Martínez
Sound Javier Almela

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