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Miguel de Cervantes
Direction: José Luis Gómez
Production: Una producción del Teatro de La Abadía en coproducción con Clásicos en Alcalá, Teatro Calderón de Valladolid y Teatro Principal de Zaragoza
Approximate length: 1 h. y 45 min.
Festival Clásicos en Alcalá
June 12-13, 2014
21 h.

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)
June 12-13, 2014


Entremeses was one of the first shows produced by La Abadía and is strongly engrained on the public's memory. This work was the result of a long process of training and research by a series of young actors, many of whom are still linked to La Abadía and all of whom are in great demand within the realms of private and public theatre, cinema and television. 

In addition to its two runs at the Teatro de La Abadía, this production undertook an extensive tour throughout Spain and abroad, receiving numerous awards. In order to mark its Twentieth Anniversary, La Abadía has now revisited Cervantes' Interludes: La cueva de Salamanca (The Cave of Salamanca), El viejo celoso (The Jealous Old Man) and El retablo de las maravillas (The Tableau of Marvels). These works will be performed by a group of actors that includes several members of the original cast. Cervantes' popular appeal and linguistic power will once again come to life in these three well-known comical tales set in a rural environment.

"What can we say about these small masterpieces that make up Cervantes' Interludes, if, until very recently, the mandarins at Spain's universities and academies wrote them off as being immoral "little works", which, as one of them skilfully argued, did not sit well "with the noble production of this great Spaniard"? Is this the reason why Cervantes never saw his Interludes performed during his lifetime? The short-sightedness and close-mindedness of the Right regarding the problem of castes and the mystification of clean blood by Old Christians -both key aspects of the bitingly ironic The Tableau of Marvels- or regarding the cheerful, relaxed and genial use of euphemism with which Cervantes ridiculed the way husbands obsessively defended their wives' chastity -the theme of The Jealous Old Man- have prevented comprehension of a series of work which, far from being a collection of "saucy" allusions, constitute a model of grace and humour, a restrained yet clear homage to tolerance and the natural laws of the body.

In a creative enterprise such as that of Cervantes', the main trunk of his literary tree is accompanied by a multitude of branches, roots and offshoots. The Interludes must be read as an indispensable part of his work. Each one shines with its own light. These apparently diminutive offshoots marvellously evoke the beauty of the whole tree and the airy grace of its canopy".

Juan Goytisolo



The Cave of Salamanca

Barber Julio Cortázar
Student Miguel Cubero  
Cristina (Leonarda's maid) Palmira Ferrer
Reponce (sexton) Javier Lara  
Leoniso (Pancracio's friend) Luis Moreno  
Leonarda Inma Nieto
Pancracio (Leonarda's husband) José Luis Torrijo  

The Jealous Old Man

Cañizares' friend Julio Cortázar  
Constable Miguel Cubero  
Sra. Ortigosa (Lorenza's neighbour) Palmira Ferrer  
Doña Lorenza Elisabet Gelabert  
Attractive young man and dancer Javier Lara
Cañizares (Ortigosa's husband) Luis Moreno  
Cristina (Lorenza's maid) Inma Nieto  

The Tableau of Marvels

Quartermaster Eduardo Aguirre de Cárcer
Juana Castrada (peasant woman) Diana Bernedo
Governor Julio Cortázar  
Chanfalla Miguel Cubero  
Teresa Repolla (peasant woman) Palmira Ferrer  
Chirinos Elisabet Gelabert
Juan Castrado (alderman) Javier Lara
Pedro Capacho (notary) Luis Moreno  
Rabelín Inma Nieto  
Benito Repollo (mayor) José Luis Torrijo  

Songs All
Musician Eduardo Aguirre de Cárcer


Text Miguel de Cervantes
Direction José Luis Gómez
Music Luis Delgado
Set Design A partir del diseño original de José Hernández
Costume Design María Luisa Engel
Lightning Juan Gómez Cornejo
Director's Assistant Carlota Ferrer
Arrangement of ballads and proverbs Jesús Domínguez
Costumes made by Sastrería Cornejo
Stage Design Utilería-Atrezzo SL y equipo de La Abadía
Photography Ros Ribas
Acknowledgments to Agustín García CalvoVicente FuentesMaría del Mar Navarro and Rosario Ruiz Rodgers for their influence on our work

Teatro de La Abadía in co-production with Clásicos en Alcalá, Teatro Calderón de Valladolid and Teatro Principal de Zaragoza


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