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The Art of Comedy

de Eduardo de Filippo
Direction: Carles Alfaro
Production: Teatro de La Abadía
Approximate length: 2 h.
Sala Juan de la Cruz
3 February - 21 March 2010
De miércoles a sábado: 20:30 h.
Martes y domingos: 19 h.

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The world of spectacle and the spectacle of the world are inseparable. Oreste Campese, the manager of a modest theatre, goes to see the new Governor in order to ask for his help after the theatre disastrously burns down. After the meeting, the Governor attends to other visits: the doctor, the parish priest, the school mistress ... But are these characters real inhabitants from the town who have come to present their personal plights or are they Campese's actors?

Following his accomplished staging of Pinter's "The Caretaker", Carles Alfaro returns to La Abadía with a key work by the great Eduardo de Filippo, a playwright who is still little known in Spain. "Extremely Italian, extremely Neapolitan and, at the same time, international", in the words of Giorgio Strehler, De Filippo invites us to consider reality and fiction on the stage and to acquire a feeling for the theatre.

"When a character dies in theatrical fiction, it means that in some corner of the world somebody has just died in reality or is on the verge of dying."



Enric Benavent Oreste Campese, director of a theater company
Markos Marín / Luis Moreno Armando Veronesi, keeper
Carmen Machi / Lidia Otón Palmira, bar-owner
Pedro Casablanc Excelentísimo De Caro, Governor
José Luis Alcobendas Giacomo Franci, Governor's secretary
Jesús Barranco Quinto Bassetti, doctor
Joaquín Hinojosa Padre Salvati, parish priest
Lola Manzano Lucia Petrella, schoolmistress
Diego Galeano Girolamo Pica, pharmacist
Ernesto Arias / Cipriano Lodosa  / Óscar de la Fuente  A highlander
Palmira Ferrer / María Miguel / Ana Cerdeiriña  His wife
Óscar de la Fuente / José Manjón  Sacristan


Dirección Carles Alfaro
Traducción Ana Isabel Fernández Valbuena
Escenografía e iluminación Carles Alfaro
Vestuario María Araujo
Ambientación musical José Manuel Gutiérrez
Ayudante de dirección Fefa Noia
Ayudante de escenografía Vanessa Actif


Teatro de La Abadía
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28015 • Madrid • España

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