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Desayuna conmigo

Iván Morales
Direction: Iván Morales
Production: losMontoya (pantalla&escena)
Approximate length: 85 min

Season 2019-2020

Sala José Luis Alonso
Del 9 al 26 de enero, 2020
De martes a sábado, 20:30 h
Domingo, 19:30 h

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


Seven years after Sé de un lugar (I Know a Place), the multifaceted playwright and director, Iván Morales, once again tackles the theme of personal relationships in Desayuna conmigo, an intense and unpredictable portrayal of life as a couple and love in the widest sense of the term. On this occasion, the playwright’s incisive perspective on daily life focuses on the things that bring us together, on the way in which, once we have overcome our old convictions, we are able to mature and come to believe again, and even come to love again.

Sometimes our only ambition is simply that of having breakfast together, over and above any grand projection or expectation. What are we prepared to do and to sacrifice in order to continue having breakfast together?

The characters in Desayuna conmigo - a physiotherapist, a filmmaker who is paralysed from the waist down, a musician and a female sculptor – represent more or less concave reflections of ourselves. They inhabit that painful realm between the happiness that lies within reach and the happiness they desire. They want to learn how to love by freeing themselves from the old patterns of traditional love that govern their lives, preconceived ideas that we all have about love, inculcated by our culture and by pop music, whose songs have taught us how to love but which do not quite fit with real life … lies that we sometimes tell ourselves so that life is not quite so painful.

In line with Desayuna conmigo, an immersive 360º web-series has also been made: six different breakfasts; six very personal perspectives; six episodes in which sex, affection and relationships play the leading role.


Natàlia _ Anna Alarcón
Salva _Andrés Herrera
Carlota _ Aina Clotet
Sergi _ Xavi Sáez


Escenografía e iluminación _ Marc Salicrú
Música y espacio sonoro _ Clara Aguilar
Movimiento _ David Climent
Vestuario _ Míriam Compte
Ayudante de dirección _ Ona Millà
Ayudante de dirección, movimiento y regiduria _ Carla Tovías
Construcción escenografía _ Óscar Fernández (Ou)
Fotografía _ Sandra Roca y Ona Millà
Diseño gráfico _ Marc Rios
Una producción de _ losMontoya (pantalla&escena)
Producción Los Montoya _ Júlia Simó
Producción _ Clara Aguilar y Ona Millà
Distribución _ Àngels Queralt
Con el apoyo de _ Sala Beckett
Agradecimientos a _  Pau Gener, Sergi Casals, Lan Dry, Dask (in memoriam) y Centro Kine Gavà


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