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Jean-Paul Sartre
Direction: Dan Jemmett
Production: Teatro de La Abadía
Approximate length: 120 min

Season 2019-2020

Sala Juan de la Cruz
Del 8 al 26 de enero, 2020.

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


Last season witnessed the successful première of Nekrassov at La Abadía, the only comedy ever written by Jean-Paul Sartre. In this ingenious and profoundly entertaining work, the French philosopher offers us a ferocious critique of the fourth estate and the manipulation of public opinion for political and economic purposes. This text questions the veracity of journalistic information in a world that triumphantly waves the flag of democracy and freedom.

Set in the midst of the Cold War, this play is nothing if not relevant to the present day: disinformation, the political use of lies and fake news. The Conservative newspaper, Soir à Paris, urgently needs some attractive news features in order to survive, whether they are true or not. What better than the testimonies of the Russian Minister of the Interior, Nikita Nekrassov, who has just crossed the Iron Curtain?

Based on the most absurd humour, Sartre highlights pretence and fear as the ideal tools with which Man seeks to exploit his fellow man. As in all his writings, the play also includes the author’s reflections on individual freedom and the human contradictions between thought and action, not to mention the clash between personal ethics and collective duty.


A must. Don’t miss this absurd vaudeville with a Russian title. It brings together one of the best casts ever seen in Madrid. ****El Cultural
This play offers a masterful blend of deep musings from the father of existentialism with a voracious bite and the purest and most spontaneous farce. **** La Razón
This is really good theatre. A brilliant script, intelligent direction and magnificent actors. **** Babelia
Delirious. A veritable jewel. High comedy. A discovery. A pleasure. A theatrical masterclass. An explosion of truth and post-truth. Really necessary.**** madridesteatro.com




Sibilot, Demidoff _ José Luis Alcobendas
Georges de Valera, Nekrassov _ Ernesto Arias
Véronique, Mme. Bounoumi _ Carmen Bécares
Goblet, Nerciat _ Miguel Cubero
Irma, Mouton _ Palmira Ferrer / Inma Nieto
Robert, Tavernier, Chapuis _ Clemente García
Jules Palotin _ David Luque / Markos Marín


Traducción Miguel Ángel Asturias
Adaptación Brenda Escobedo
Espacio escénico Dan Jemmett y Vanessa Actif
Diseño de vestuario Vanessa Actif
Iluminación  Valentín Álvarez
Ayudante de dirección Andrea Delicado
Ayudante iluminación Sergio Balsera


Escenografía NEO escenografía S.L
Sastrería   Elda Noriega
Ambientación  María Calderón
Maquillaje   Sara Álvarez
Fotos cartel  Sergio Parra
Fotos escena Alvaro Serrano Sierra
Video promocional  Paz Producciones

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