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A.K.A. (Also Known As)

Daniel J. Meyer
Direction: Montse Rodríguez Clusella
Production: Flyhard Produccions / Sala Flyhard
Approximate length: 75 min

Season 2019-2020

Sala José Luis Alonso
Del 6 al 17 de noviembre, 2019
De martes a sábado, 20:30 h
Domingo, 19:30 h

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


“Carlos, my name is Carlos. I’m 15 years old, or 16. I go to school, get bored, go out with my friends to the park, dance hip-hop … and one day I meet Claudia and … magic.”

A.K.A. (Also Known As) is the theatrical event of the season, the winner of four Butaca Awards (Best Small-Format Show, Best Text, Best Direction and Best Actor) and two Max Awards (Best New Script and Best Lead Actor). It has been presented at three theatres in Barcelona: La Sala Flyhard, Teatre Lliure and La Villarroel. This monologue talks about identity and the difference between what you feel you are and what society determines that you are. It’s about inside and outside.

Written in one go by Daniel J. Meyer, it talks about a period during the adolescent years of Carlos, years that we come to form a part of. It relates the day-to-day life of this fifteen-year-old: school, therapy, rejection, anger and fear, friends, love and desire, injustice, the relationship with his parents … The monologue depicts a moment in which, for reasons beyond his control, the very foundations of his life, his roots and his identity, are shaken. The fact is that Carlos is adopted … and it is other people’s perspectives that lead him to question his “real” identity.

Are we really how other people see us? What they want to see? What we show? What we hide? What emerges when we are alone?

The audience become judge, witness and accomplice during our main character’s development, a figure who experiences all the prejudices of society against the foreigner, at a delicate moment regarding the development of his personality.

This is an honest, courageous and committed attempt to reflect the language and concerns of adolescents, who rarely have the opportunity to see and feel their own generational world depicted, directed with dynamic flare by Montse Rodríguez Clusella.





Albert Salazar


Texto _ Daniel J. Meyer
Dirección _ Montse Rodríguez Clusella
Reparto _ Albert Salazar
Ayudante de dirección _ Daniel J. Meyer
Diseño y construcción escenografía _ Anna Tantull
Vestuario _ Descartable
Diseño de iluminación _ Xavi Gardés
Espacio sonoro _ Daniel J. Meyer i Xavi Gardés
Cartel _ Quim Àvila i Roser Blanch
Fotos del espectáculo _ Roser Blanch
Estudiante en prácticas IT _ Bryan Millanes
Producción ejecutiva _ Roser Blanch, Sergio Matamala i Clara Cols
Distribución _ Eli Riera
Comunicación _ Clara Cols
Administración _ Mario Berlinches i Sergio Matamala
Redes Sociales _ Daniel J. Meyer, Eli Riera
Jefe técnico sala _ Xavi Gardés
Jefe técnico gira _ Fernando Portillo
Una producción de _ Flyhard Produccions / Sala Flyhard

Con el apoyo de _
ICEC - Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals i ICUB
Institut de Cultura de Barcelona
Con el patrocinio  de _ Gramona y la col·laboración de _ Llibreria Montseny
Agradecimientos _ Quim Àvila, Àgata Casanovas, David Solans, Ivette Torrent, ESART, EMAV, Ana Peña, Col·legi Sant Marc de Sarrià, Jordi Bas


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