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Sea Wall

Simon Stephens
Direction: Carlos Tuñón
Production: Bella Batalla
Approximate length: 60 min

Season 2019-2020

Sala José Luis Alonso
Del 27 al 29 de marzo, 2020
Viernes, sábado y domingo, 18:00 h

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


“What’s that Alex?”, they say. “You appear to have a great big hole running right through the middle of you.”

The gardens at Teatro de La Abadía will host the staging of Sea Wall, a theatrical experience for an audience of twenty, which, alongside An Oak Tree, also directed by Carlos Tuñón, makes up a two-hander on the themes of absence and grief.

The play is performed at dusk, over a period of one hour, starting when the light begins to fade and ending in total darkness.

Nacho Aldeguer plays Alex, a photographer who loves life, who loves his wife and loves his young daughter. He also loves conversations with his father-in-law, a retired soldier with whom he talks about everything, ranging from beer to tennis to God. One day, on holiday at the coast in France, he sees his daughter slip at the top of a cliff and fall to her death.

Sea Wall relates the consequences that this tragic event has on his life and how he seeks to move on, rediscovering the beauty of life, with all its apparent contradictions and non-sensical occurrences.

This short and intense text is written by Simon Stephens, one of the most lauded and performed British playwrights of recent decades. It arose from a commission requested by the Bush Theatre in London, which needed to schedule a series of works that could be presented whilst the theatre was undergoing renovations. This is the reason behind the simple staging. Subsequently, Sea Wall became a veritable theatrical phenomenon amongst the critics and the public, being staged at numerous venues, including the National Theatre and the Old Vic, as well as at theatre festivals such as Edinburgh and Dublin.

The British daily, The Guardian, wrote the following about the original production: “Sea Wall is one of the most devastating 30 minutes that you are ever likely to experience in the theatre. This monologue is drenched in grief, told by a man who has lost everything […] every word settles into your bones and grows cold there.”


Nacho Aldeguer


Dramaturgia _Simon Stephens
Versión y traducción _ Nacho Aldeguer
Asesoría de versión y traducción _Luis Sorolla
Diseño gráfico _Daniel Jumillas
Fotografía _Luz Soria
Vídeo _Ales Alcalde
Comunicación y prensa _ Josi Cortés
Producción _ Bella Batalla
Jefa de producción _Rosel Murillo
Distribución _ Fran Ávila
Ayudante de dirección _Mayte Barrera
Dirección _Carlos Tuñón


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