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Rhum & Cía - Jordi Aspa
Direction: Jordi Aspa
Production: Rhum & Cía
Approximate length: 1h y 10 min

Season 2018-2019

Sala Juan de la Cruz
Del 8 al 19 de mayo, 2019
De martes a sábado, 20:00 h
Domingo, 19:00 h

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


The clown seeks out and almost always finds the cracks in reason and in his fellow beings. The wise man trembles when he laughs. Because the matter of laughter, the life of Man, is often made of sadness, as Baudelaire pointed out.

After Rhum and Rhümia, the company Rhum & Cía, headed by Jordi Martínez and Pepino Pascual, now presents Rhumans, a clown-like delicatessen that offers us all the splendour of the clown arts, in all their different genres and styles: clowning, ventriloquism, lute-playing, street performance, surrealism and music.

This trilogy began at Grec in 2014 and concluded at the event’s last edition, having presented some of the most entertaining and therapeutic shows seen on the Catalan stage in recent years.

Jordi Aspa directs this extremely amusing production, which concludes the trilogy and shares large doses of humour, hooliganism, tenderness and emotion with the previous shows.

When clowns are capable of calculating with letters and dressing facts with bareness, freedom is their prison. This show invites us on a journey to reflect on the figure of the clown through a musical collage made up of various self-made numbers and the odd classic number, all perfectly seasoned with acid, sweet and spicy humour, with a view to flexing the muscles of laughter.



Joan Arqué
Roger Julià
Piero Steiner
Pep Pascual
Mauro Paganini


Autoría Rhum & Cia Jordi Aspa
Dirección Jordi Aspa
Dirección musical Pep Pascual
Composición musical Pep Pascual - Mauro Paganini
Movimiento  Magí Sierra
Dirección técnica Xavi Xipell “Xipi”
Dirección de producción Carles Manrique (Velvet Events)
Escenografía  Rhum & Cia, Adrià Pinar y Víctor Peralta
Vestuario Elisa Echegaray Paca Naharro
Diseño de Iluminación Quico Gutiérrez
Diseño de sonido / concepción sonora Marc Santa
Diseño de vídeo  Miguel Ángel Raió
Regiduría Lluc Armengol
Fotos © Martí E. Berenguer © Pep Gol Maria © Suleymanova 

Espectáculo en coproducción con Velvet Events - Grec Festival de Barcelona - Teatre Lliure
Agradecimientos  Andrés Lima y Marduix Titelles

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