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Dos nuevos entremeses, nunca representados

Miguel de Cervantes
Direction: Ernesto Arias
Production: Una creación del Teatro de La Abadía
Approximate length: 1h y 20 min

Season 2018-2019

Sala Juan de la Cruz
Del 28 de marzo al 14 de abril, 2019
De martes a sábado, 20.30 h
Domingo, 19.30 h

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


As part of our endeavour to continue being a repertory theatre, this season we will once again present three Abadía productions that made an impact on audiences: “Unamuno: venceréis pero no convenceréis” (“Unamuno: You Will Conquer, But You Will Not Convince”), “Tiempo de silencio” (“Time of Silence”) and “Dos nuevos entremeses” (“Two New Interludes”) that have "never been staged before," thus also fulfilling our desire to annually preserve and perform the work of Cervantes.

La Abadía, which has presented “its” “Interludes” at various different theatres, both in Spain and abroad, achieving a connection with the audience that is quite extraordinary in view of the fact that we are dealing with texts that are more than four centuries old, now tackles two new pieces under the direction of Ernesto Arias: La guarda cuidadosa (“The Careful Guard”) and El rufián viudo llamado Trampagos (“The Ruffian Widower Named Trampagos”).

The solitary tree located in a sunny spot in the countryside has now become a well in an urban environment blighted by decadence and misery, which is where these two new humble tales take place, featuring characters that are always struggling against an adverse fate. Through this conflict between dream and reality, Cervantes talks to us about human freedom or, rather, the impossibility of achieving it. All this is presented with irony, humour and good cheer, without ridiculing the characters and whilst demonstrating their unquestionable dignity.

Two new “Interludes” that have "never been performed before" invite the audience to recognise the marvellous human dimension of Cervantes’ vision in the acts of these modest characters: women's freedom, individual courage and collective force.



Soldado  Ion Iraizoz

Sacristán  Juan Paños     

Mozo (Andrés)  AidaVillar

Uno (Manuel)  Nicolás Sanz

Zapatero  Marcos Toro

Amo  Pablo Rodríguez       

Grajales  Nicolás Sanz

Cristina  Luna Paredes

Ama (Ella)  Carmen Bécares

Músico  José Juan Sevilla

Músico  Carmen Valverde


Trampagos  Marcos Toro

Vademecúm  Juan Paños 

Chiquiznaque  Ion Iraizoz

Juan Claros  Nicolás Sanz   

La Repulida  Carmen Valverde

La Pizpita  Luna Paredes

La Mostrenca  Carmen Bécares

Niño  Aida Villar

Escarramán  José Juan Sevilla

Músico  Pablo Rodríguez     

DONCELLA Carmen Valverde


Dirección y escenografía  Ernesto Arias
Dramaturgia  Brenda Escobedo
Ambientación Nuria Martínez
Música Eduardo Aguirre de Cárcer
Coreografía Javier García
Iluminación Carlos Díaz
Maestro de voz Vicente Fuentes
Taller de bufones José Troncoso
Ayudante de dirección Raquel Alarcón
Fotografía Sergio Parra

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