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La Strada

Federico Fellini
Direction: Mario Gas
Production: Mucho Ruido Récords
Approximate length: 1h y 35 min

Season 2018-2019

Sala Juan de la Cruz
Del 22 de noviembre al 30 de diciembre, 2018
De martes a viernes, 20.00 h
Sábado, 18:00 h  y 21:00 h
Domingo, 19.00 h

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


Mario Gas directs a stage adaptation of this lyrical and bitter film by Federico Fellini (a work that won an Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1954), based on a script by Gerard Vázquez.

Three lives on the wayside, three characters facing a precarious and vagrant future in Post-War Italy. It all starts when a naïve and quiet girl is sold by her mother to a boastful and violent circus strong-man to help him in his itinerant show.

On the way, a spark of love emerges between the two, one that never manages to come to fruition because of his pride and her shyness. Both share a profound sense of loneliness and a marginalised and rootless life of misery, until the character of The Fool comes into their lives. His poetic world clashes with the brutality of Zampano and leads to an ill-fated ending.

Fernando Cayo, Verónica Echegui and Alberto Iglesias star in this stripped-down production that is faithful to Fellini’s universe, characterised by its Neo-Realist ambience and abundant sentimentalism.


Alfonso Lara
Verónica Echegui
Alberto Iglesias


Autor   Federico Fellini
Versión Gerard Vázquez
Dirección Mario Gas
Ayudante de dirección Montse Tixé
Escenografía  Juan Sanz
Diseño de iluminación  Felipe Ramos 
Compositor banda sonora Orestes Gas
Diseño audiovisuales  Álvaro Luna
Figurinista  Antonio Belart
Fotógrafo Sergio Parra
Diseño y dirección de producción Concha Busto 
Ayudante de producción (MRR) Triana Cortés
Productores asociados  Roberto Álvarez, Luis Arranz y María José Miñano 
Producido por José Velasco
Distribución Concha Busto


Teatro de La Abadía
C/Fernandez de los Ríos, 42
28015 • Madrid • España

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Office +34 91 448 11 81