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Algún día todo esto será tuyo

Chiqui Carabante
Direction: Chiqui Carabante
Production: Club Caníbal
Approximate length: 1h y 15 min

Season 2018-2019

Sala José Luis Alonso
Del 12 al 23 de septiembre, 2018
De martes a domingo, 19:30h

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


Don Ramón Areces, the owner of El Corte Inglés, is on his death-bed. His mind wanders back to varied recollections of childhood interspersed with memories of his adventures in Cuba and the Christmas offers being announced over the loudspeaker system at his department stores. Overwhelmed by his past, Areces sifts through his recollections in an attempt to identify his last wish, a metaphor that might do him justice.

Algún día todo esto será tuyo concludes the trilogy Crónicas ibéricas (“Iberian Chronicles”), in which Club Caníbal shines its spotlight on Spain. A stark critique of the idiosyncrasies of this country. Featuring all the familiarity and affection of those who cannot be anything other than sons of the nation. Following Desde aquí veo sucia la plaza (“The Square Looks Dirty from Here”), about the slaughter of animals for entertainment, and Herederos del ocaso (“The Heirs of Decline”), about the Spanish picaresque, this third show focuses on the last few days in the life of the Chairman of El Corte Inglés, a reflection of power in Spain. The staging and direction of Chiqui Carabante once again places the emphasis on a past that lingers on in the present. And all this through the theatre company’s best and most characteristic weapon: humour. A black and Neo-Realist humour that is very much in line with the Spanish comic tradition, ranging from Gila to Berlanga.


Font García
Vito Sanz
Juan Vinuesa
Pablo Peña (música en directo)


Dramaturgia y dirección Chiqui Carabante
Diseño de iluminación Nerea Castresana
Música en directo y composición Pablo Peña
Vestuario Salvador Carabante
Diseño gráfico Fratelli Moca - Jose Fernández
Escenografía Walter Arias
Ayudante de dirección Vanesa Espín
Producción Club Canibal - Silvia Rey - Sirai Life Priumph
Ayudantes de producción  Silvia Rey - Sirai Life Priumph
Distribución Susana Rubio

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