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Europa, que a sí misma se atormenta

Andrés Laguna
Direction: Ana Zamora
Production: Nao d'amores
Approximate length: 1 hora

Season 2017-2018

Sala José Luis Alonso
del 12 al 19 de abril, 2018
De martes a sábado, 20:30h
Domingo, 19:30h

Función matinal dirigida a escolares: 18 abr a las 11:00h

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


A visionary discourse from the humanist, Andrés Laguna (1511-1559), the “new Christian” born in Segovia.

Like many other humanists, such as Erasmus and Vives, Laguna was also horrified by the perpetual state of war amongst the Western nations, driven by political and religious reasons. He issued this almost desperate plea at the University of Cologne as a last attempt to imbue the Christian princes with the idea of religious unity. But there’s more. If we read the speech carefully, we realise that Laguna’s plea for Pox Christiana did not only have a religious basis, but also presented an incipient idea of culture. This idea of Europe surpassed the merely geographical realm and transcended the purely Christian world, forming an early concept of civilisation.

Andrés Laguna, in keeping with the theatrical setting and surprisingly dramatic occasion, suggested that the hall should be decorated “with black torches and other adornments characteristic of funeral ceremonies”.

The past and the present must engage in dialogue during these dark times that we are forced to live through in Old Europe. The theatre offers an enviable forum for dialogue, one that will not bring solutions, but a space for reflection, offering society an opportunity to find itself.

Featuring all the delicacy that characterises its productions, Nao d’amores will appear for the seventh time at La Abadía with an outstanding show that combines word, thought and music.


Juan Meseguer
Eva Jornet
Isabel Zamora


Directed by Ana Zamora
Adapted by Miguel Ángel González Manjarrés
Music Alicia Lázaro
Voice Coach Vicente Fuentes
Set and costumes Design Deborah Macías (AAPEE)
Lighting Design Pedro Yagüe
Realización de vestuario Ángeles Marín - Deborah Macías
Realización de escenografía Purple S. Creativos - Ricardo Vergne
Ayte. de escenografía y vestuario Henar Montoya
Coordinación técnica Fernando Herranz
Executive Production Germán H. Solís
Production Nao d´amores

Con la colaboración de Aula Andrés Laguna (Ayuntamiento de Segovia, Real Academia de Historia y Arte de San Quirce, Universidad de Alcalá de Henares, Fundación Lilly) y Clásicos en Alcalá

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