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Azaña, una pasión española

A partir de textos de Manuel Azaña
Direction: José Luis Gómez
Production: Una creación del Teatro de La Abadía
Approximate length: 1h 10 min



A reunion with the man who has accompanied José Luis Gómez for so many years during his professional career, Don Manuel Azaña, a key figure in the historical and political transformation of Spain.

In 1980, during the Transition itself, José Luis Gómez presented a stage version of Azaña’s ”Velada en Benicarló” (“Evening in Benicarló”). Eight years later he premièred the production, ”Azaña: A Spanish Passion”, at the National Drama Centre (CDN), which he restaged on various occasions as a show at La Abadía.

As a counterpoint to the new project about Unamuno, Gómez will once again share this insight into the speeches, articles and letters of the statesman and writer, Manuel Azaña. In order to keep our Historical Recollection alive, it is worth recalling Azaña’s moderation and lucidity.

“A recital of civil and sacred poetry” (El Mundo).

“An intellectual at war” (El País).


José Luis Gómez


Directed by José Luis Gómez
Selección de textos José María Marco
Music Alejandro Massó
Set Desing Mario Bernedo
Lighting Design José Manuel Guerra
Ayudante de direcciónAndrea Delicado
Asistente Celia Pérez


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