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1 de marzo

He nacido para verte sonreír

Santiago Loza
Direction: Pablo Messiez
Production: Una producción del Teatro de La Abadía e Ignacio Fumero Ayo
Approximate length: 1h y 30 min

Season 2016-2017

Sala José Luis Alonso
Del 1 al 19 de marzo
De miércoles a viernes, 20:30h
Sábado, 18:00h y 21:00h
Domingo, 19:30h

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


I am something else, but I don’t know what

A mother bids farewell to her son whilst waiting for the father to pick them up in the car; they will undertake a long journey, although, in one sense, the son has already been away for some time. The father must commit her to a hospital in order to be cured of a mental disorder.

Whilst looking for words to say goodbye, little by little the mother reveals the relationship between the father and the son and her relationship with her husband, which go beyond her personal story. “An exquisite text on a mother and her son, a bond that intensifies to the very limit”, “strong, thoughtful and poetic drama”, according to the Argentinean critics.

This is the first time that a play by Santiago Loza has been presented in Spain. Loza is a key figure in contemporary Latin American theatre, as well as a film-maker. He is a master when it comes to portraying female characters with mystery, delicacy and horror.

The production is directed by Pablo Messiez, the brilliant winner of several Max Awards for La piedra oscura (“The Dark Stone”), and a playwright in his own right. Messiez has followed Loza’s career with increasing admiration for many years.




Isabel Ordaz

Nacho Sánchez


Escenografía y vestuario  Elisa Sanz

Iluminación  Paloma Parra

Diseño de sonido Nicolás Rodríguez

Ayudante escenografía Paula Castellano

Ayudante dirección Domingo Milesi

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