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Sonetos del amor oscuro

Sonetos del amor oscuro

Amancio Prada
Production: Camaina
Approximate length: 1h y 15 min

Season 2016-2017

Sala Juan de la Cruz
Del 29 de noviembre al 18 de diciembre (sólo martes y domingos).
Martes, 20:30h
Sábado, 21:00h

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


Relish the fresh landscape of my wound

Thirty years ago, to mark the Fiftieth Anniversary of Lorca’s death, Amancio Prada sang his version of the Sonetos del amor oscuro (“Sonnets of Dark Love”) for the first time. “Only Amancio Prada could sing the late Federico of Amor oscuro,” Francisco Umbral wrote at the time. “Only Amancio Prada, because he is a singer of dying moments, a singer of the sufferings of the heart, a singer of times where there is hardly time to live or to die”.

Coinciding with another Lorca anniversary and with the return of The Public to La Abadía, Amancio once again performs these sonnets as part of a programme that includes other poems by Federico García Lorca. “A sincere poetry, an irrepressible passion and, at the same time, one contained in such a strict poetic architecture. Sonnets of Dark Love? For me, just Sonnets of Love”, Amancio declares.

We might mention the fact that Amancio’s recital will take place within the same stage setting as that of The Public, a play with which it forms a powerful bond. 


Música, voz y guitarra Amancio Prada


Textos Federico García Lorca

Sonetos del amor oscuro_Amancio Prada


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