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Archive - Season 2016-2017

Versión y adaptación Jordi Casanovas

Yo, Feuerbach

Tankred Dorst
Direction: Antonio Simón
Production: Una coproducción del Grec 2016 Festival de Barcelona y Velvet Events S.L.
Language: Castellano
Approximate length: 1 hora y 30 minutos

Season 2016-2017

Sala José Luis Alonso
Del 6 al 23 de octubre, 2016
De martes a sábado, 20:30h.
Domingo, 19:30 h.

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


Almost every human being has a certain talent when they are young. But it soon passes.

A mature actor, played by Pedro Casablanc, attends an audition, even though the stage director who is supposed to evaluate him is not present in person. Cynicism, humour, violence, tact … these are just some of the weapons employed in the comic play, Ich, Feuerbach, an exercise in talent that approaches the realm of pathos.

One of Europe’s great creators for the theatre, the German playwright, Tankred Dorst, offers this timeless and moving text about all those who never manage to play the leading part, about the need for second opportunities and lack of generosity.

Directed by Antonio Simón, this work focuses on the essence of theatre and its meaning within society, in its capacity as a pursuit like any other human activity that relates to the world around it.


Pedro Casablanc

Samuel Viyuela 


Dirección Antonio Simón 

Versión y adaptación Jordi Casanovas

Escenografía Eduardo Moreno

Vestuario Sandra Espinosa

Diseño de iluminación Pau Fullana

Diseño de sonido Nacho Bilbao

Ayudante de dirección Beatriz Jaén

Producción ejecutiva Pablo Ramos Escola para Buxman Producciones, S.L.

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