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Oedipus the King

Direction: Alfredo Sanzol
Production: Teatro de la Ciudad y Teatro de La Abadía
Approximate length: 1 h.

Season 2014-2015

Sala Juan de la Cruz
Nueva exhibición: 16 - 26 septiembre, 2015
De martes a sábado, 20: 30 h. Domingo, 19:30 h. Los días 17, 18 y 19 de septiembre no hay función

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


"Let my fate go where it will"

The need to know the truth, an attempt to exercise an impossible and absolute control over fate and the search for one's own origins all make up the story of a man who investigates a crime and discovers that he is his father's murderer and his mother's lover, calling into question the limits and possibilities of human understanding.

"Oedipus will discover that his greatness is founded on misery. He will find that his story is that of man who was everything and yet, it turns out, is less than nothing. It is the story of a man who, in order to save the city, destroys himself. It is the story of a man who, having discovered the truth, decides never to see the light again". Alfredo Sanzol


Paco Déniz
Elena González
Natalia Hernández
Juan Antonio Lumbreras
Eva Trancón


Directed and adapted by Alfredo Sanzol
Music Fernando Velázquez
Set & Costumes Design Alejandro Andújar
Lighting Design Pedro Yagüe
Sound Design Sandra Vicente and Enrique Mingo
Director's Assistant Pietro Olivera
Production Nadia Corral
Executive Production Elisa Fernández
Technical Coordination Eduardo Moreno and Pau Fullana
Press and photos El Norte S. L.

El Teatro de la Abadía acoge durante la temporada 2014-2015 al Teatro de la Ciudad


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