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de Aracaladanza
Direction: Enrique Cabrera
Production: Aracaladanza, La Abadía, Mercat de les Flors y la Comunidad de Madrid
Approximate length: 50 min.

Season 2013-2014

Sala José Luis Alonso
December 10-30, 2013
10, 11, 17, 18 y 19-dic: 11 h.
12 y 13-dic: 19: 30 h.
14, 21, 27 y 28-dic: 17 y 19:30 h.
15, 20, 22, 26, 29 y 30-dic: 18 h.
Los días 16, 23, 24 y 25-dic no hay función.

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


"The universe of Joan Miró in movement"

Constellations is the name of Aracaladanza's dream, as inspired by the creative work of Joan Miró. A show specially designed for a family audience continues a trilogy that seeks to comprehend the genius of universal painters such as Hieronymus Bosch and Magritte.

Faithful to the spirit of the Madrid-based contemporary dance company, five dancers seek to convey the emotions that abound throughout the universe of the Majorcan painter, in which colours move in indefinite space. A song to the imagination, replete with the dreamlike and passionate hues of the work produced by this genius of colour. 

"Evocative. Sensorial. Artistic. And beautiful".
Prado Campos, On Madrid

"A handcrafted search for the visual as an incentive for the imagination".
Julia Martín, El Mundo

"A passion for dance and the use of props and stage objects; that is their hallmark".
Eduardo López, Guía del Ocio

For all ages
Recommended age: from 4 years onwards


Carolina Arija 
Jorge Brea 
Jonatan de Luis 
Raquel de la Plaza 
Jimena Trueba 


Author and director Enrique Cabrera
Assistants director Carolina Arija Gallardo and Raquel de la Plaza Húmera
Original music Mariano Lozano P. Ramos and Luis Miguel Cobo
Set design & Costume Elisa Sanz
Lighting design Pedro Yagüe
Video design Álvaro Luna
Prop design Ricardo Vergne
Puppetry advice El Nudo Compañía Teatral


Teatro de La Abadía
C/Fernandez de los Ríos, 42
28015 • Madrid • España

Taquilla +34 91 448 16 27 (M a S de 17 a 21 h. D de 17 a 20 h)
Office +34 91 448 11 81