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30/40 Livingstone

Sergi López y Jorge Picó
Direction: Sergi López y Jorge Picó
Production: Setzefetges en coproducción con Ring de Teatro
Language: Espectáculo en castellano
Approximate length: 1 h. y 30 min.

Season 2013-2014

Sala Juan de la Cruz
November 20 - December 8, 2013
Martes a sábado, 20 h.
Domingo, 19 h.

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


"A spectacle packed with humour, tennis and anthropology"

A contemporary man, who is both contradictory and a charlatan and, by definition, unsatisfied, decides to give everything up and travel far and wide in search of great adventures. During his journey he comes across an animal that will teach him things about himself.

After their successful collaboration in Non solum, one of the biggest successes of the Catalan stage, this show once again presents the creative genius of two actors who trained at the same time at the Jacques Lecoq School in Paris.

Sergi López, who plays an explorer on an endless search, and Jorge Picó, an hallucination in animal form, are once again united on the stage, effectively fulfilling the dream of their mentor and teacher, Lecoq; namely that his students should reinvent reality as part of a theatre of live creation, one that is popular and bound to the mystery of life.

"Ninety minutes of spectacle to be digested in real time and without blinking".
Andreu Sotorra, Clip de teatre

"Suggestive and disturbing".
Marc Llorente, Diario Información

"Memorable situations in which Jorge Picó demonstrates a corporal wisdom that is quite astonishing. For his part, Sergi leaves no one in doubt as to why he is considered to be one of the best European actors".
Javier Paisano, Diario de Sevilla


Sergi López
Jorge Picó


Created and directed by Sergi López and Jorge Picó
Set design Sergi LópezJorge Picó and Pascual Peris
Lighting design Lionel Spycher
Original music Òscar Roig
Costume design Pascual Peris
Helmet design by Amadeu Ferré i Mas

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