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La función por hacer

de Miguel del Arco y Aitor Tejada, a partir de 'Seis personajes en busca de autor' de Pirandello
Direction: Miguel del Arco
Production: Kamikaze Producciones
Approximate length: 1 h. y 30 min.

Season 2012-2013

Sala José Luis Alonso
May 17 - June 16, 2013
De martes a sábado, 20 h.
Sábado 8 de junio, 19 y 22 h.
Domingo, 19 h.
2ª PRÓRROGA: hasta el 23 de junio

Lo sentimos, espectáculo finalizado


This play, which received seven Max Awards, featuring the same team that later staged the work, Summer Folk, marked the rise of Miguel del Arco as a director and "re-creator" of marvellous repertory texts. It transfers the "six characters in search of an author", who in Pirandello's work interrupt a rehearsal in the early twentieth century, to the performance of a contemporary production, turning them into "cultural terrorists". They vehemently demand their right to tell the real story, which, in their opinion, is more interesting than the fiction of the stage.

This is theatre without props, staged just a few feet away from the audience, so that the truth of the characters merges with the performance of the actors.

Following a long tour, this production returns to Madrid in order to bid farewell. Finally, the show is "done".

"This is real theatre" (La Razón). "Packed with soul, heart and life" (El País). "Essential, intense, exciting" (ABC).


Israel Elejalde
Bárbara Lennie/Teresa Hurtado de Ory
Miriam Montilla
Manuela Paso
Raúl Prieto
Cristóbal Suárez

** Teresa Hurtado de Ory: 16 may-2 jun y 18, 21 y 22 jun
     Bárbara Lennie: 3-16 jun y 19, 20 y 23 jun


Director Miguel del Arco
Adapted by Miguel del Arco y Aitor Tejada
Sound design Sandra Vicente (Studio 340)
Lighting design Juanjo Llorens
Photo Emilio Gómez
Producer Aitor Tejada

Precios y descuentos


Teatro de La Abadía
C/Fernandez de los Ríos, 42
28015 • Madrid • España

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